Who I Serve

My Average Client:

  • Is retired or expects to retire within the next 10 years.
  • Wants to experience the ideal version of their retirement by spending their money confidently instead of being in fear of running out of money.
  • Would prefer to worry less during retirement and instead spend their time and energy doing things they care deeply about.
  • Is a conservative investor who prefers to get ahead by avoiding large losses rather than by chasing big returns.
  • May have experienced large losses in their portfolios in the past and prefers to feel more secure during retirement.

Objective, Client-First Advice

Adaptive Wealth Solutions is a fee-only wealth management firm. AWS is only paid by its clients (i.e. no commissions from third parties) and clients’ interests always come first. This aligns my interests with yours so that you only receive objective advice. There are no third-parties that expect me to pitch product X over Y because X has higher expenses; only your goals and the objective solutions we’ll use to get you there.





Risk-Managed Investing

“Rule No.1: Never lose money.

Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

–Warren Buffett

Adaptive Wealth Solutions utilizes active investment strategies that are designed to minimize potential risks while seeking maximum returns. AWS employs quantitative rules-based investment strategies. By using rules based investing we avoid the behavioral missteps of most investors and capitalize on the analytical capacity of big data.

Instead of buying and holding through the ups and downs of markets, a systems-based approach allows us to design a portfolio with more consistent returns. We can look back through lengthy time periods (30 to 90 years, not just the limited 5 to 10 years of many investment strategies) to see how well a strategy would have performed through numerous economic cycles and then identify when a strategy is likely to be strong or when it is likely to be weak.

“Hundreds of studies have shown that wherever
we have sufficient information to build a model,
it will perform better than most people.”
– Daniel Kahneman

So, to create an all-weather strategy there are several aspects you need to take into account:

  • Different assets perform better in some economic environments and worse in others.
  • Likewise, different investment strategies perform better in some economic environments than others.
  • Certain factors have been shown to outperform the market over time. By focusing on these factors and only utilizing those factors during economic environments that favor those factors, we can enjoy much of the upside and reduce the downside risk.
  • Longer holding periods are best when the economy is growing, whereas shorter holding periods with more tactical decision making are best during recessions. Portfolios that change holding periods based on the strength of the economy enable more fluid adaptations to the markets

Therefore, a more robust portfolio solution can be achieved by changing the assets, strategies, factors, and holding periods to match the economic environment. By combining these ideas into a cohesive whole we can employ all-weather portfolios that support portfolio growth throughout any economic environment.


Financial Planning

Investment management is just one piece of the wealth management puzzle. Comprehensive wealth management involves both smart risk management and strategic planning. We will evaluate your current goals, investments, and financial status and develop a plan to meet your goals during retirement.

Financial planning should be made as simple to implement and stress-free as possible. We will develop actionable financial advice that is broken down into simple steps that you will actually implement. You are aided in every step of the implementation of the financial plan and kept on track through accountability emails.

Financial planning is an ongoing process as we take each step toward achieving your financial goals. Therefore, we will reevaluate your financial plan on a regular basis to ensure that you are on track for your goals and that our strategies are still appropriate.



Descriptions of the strategies employed and the schedule for fees and compensation can be found in PDF format here.


Schedule Your Free Financial Strategy Session

Schedule a Free 30 Minute Financial Strategy Session to find out if we would be a good fit for one another. The Free Financial Strategy Session includes:

  • A quick overview of your current financial situation.
  • A discussion of your top financial planning concern.
  • Actionable advice that you can implement to improve your current situation.