Financial News Friday – August 23, 2013

Financial News Friday – August 23, 2013

Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft, is to retire within the next 12 months. (CNN Money)

Here’s a link to the infographic above, that charts the CEOs of Microsoft (Gates and Ballmer) tenure versus the stock price. (CNN Money)

The Nasdaq halted trading for three hours on Thursday afternoon. (Bloomberg)

Is wearable technology the next big thing or is Google Glass just a novelty with a lot of hype? (Yahoo Finance)

Goldman’s high frequency financial glitch, which traded over 800,000 options in 17 minutes, could cost the investment bank tens of millions of dollars is losses. (Financial Times)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch intern dies after working for 72 without sleep during a summer internship. (MSN Money)

To further its plan for market share in the television arena, Apple could become its own cable company. (MSN Money)

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