Have Difficulty Reading Websites?  Use Readability

Have Difficulty Reading Websites? Use Readability

IF you have eye trouble like me, reading websites without glasses can be a pain.  A while back I stumbled on this excellent little tool called Readability.

Readability is a service that allows you to save articles for reading later, without having to clutter up your bookmark bar.  It also has the benefit of taking the clutter off of a web page so that you can more easily see what you came there for…

The Content.

It’s a really great addition to the web arsenal of article hungry readers like me.  Making content more readable is easily my favorite feature of this service.

You see, over the past few years my eyesight has deteriorated a bit. I have glasses, but I don’t always like to wear them while reading on the computer.

But if I don’t wear them, small fonts strain my eyes and eventually everything just looks like a jumbled mess to me.

That’s why I almost always use Readability’s handy dandy bookmarklet.

What’s A Bookmarklet?

It’s a small piece of code that lives in your bookmark bar.  You click it and it performs an action for you.

Bookmarklets are nice because you don’t have to install anything that might slow down your web browser.

Readability offers a nice bookmarklet that you can find here.

You just click it and it removes all the adds and graphics from the page that don’t have anything to do with the article itself.

To get you started I’ve created this video that shows you how to install and use the bookmarklet.


Again, you can find the Readability bookmarklet here.

The formatting isn’t always 100% correct, but it still gets the job done.

If you want me to post more lifehacks like these in the future, let me know in the comments!


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