Financial News Friday – May 31, 2013

Financial News Friday – May 31, 2013

Top financial regret among millionaires (57%) is that they had not set up a reviewable financial plan sooner. The second largest response was not regularly accessing the performance of their investments. (Financial Advisor Magazine)

As you can see in the chart above. Hedge funds as a whole have gotten crushed by the S&P 500, due to a hesitance to buy stocks over the past four years. (Bloomberg)

401(k)s and other employer sponsored defined contribution vehicles are failing to provide enough diversification to investors. They have significant home country bias (meaning an over dependency on US stocks) and are constrained within the typical style box type portfolios. (AdvisorOne)

The Empire State Building along with 17 other skyscrapers in New York may soon be publicly traded in a REIT (real estate investment trust) the most common type of investment vehicle that gives you exposure to real estate in your portfolio. (Yahoo Finance)

Millennials are uncomfortable with their debt load. 64% of millennials finananced their college through loans versus 29% of boomers. 70% of millennials are confident they will be able to save enough for retirement.(Financial Advisor Magazine)

Investors need to be aware of their mental shortcuts they make. Behavioral finance can explain much of the irrationality in the markets and this article touches on an important aspect: mistaking a good company for a good investment. (Financial Planning Magazine)

Most of the new contributions going to retirement accounts find their way into Roth IRAs. (AdvisorOne)

After several months of negotiations and millions of shareholder dollars spent on financial analysis, it looks like Dell is going ahead with Michael Dell’s buyout offer.(Yahoo Finance)


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